• Air Ventilation

    Powerful radial and special fans with high efficiency factor.
    Tailored to a variety of industrial applications.

  • Air Conduction

    Products and components for the construction of complete air conduction systems with square or round design. For maximum requirements on leaktightness and hygiene.
    Dimensionally stable and safe.

  • Air Distribution

    A wide selection of different air outlets, air diffusers and ventilation grilles with low-noise features and sophisticated aesthetic design.

  • Air Regulation

    Reliable regulation and control of air flows using dampers and regulating components with different material combinations and designs.

  • Air Conditioning

    Efficiency for room climate: BerlinerLuft. Central ventilation and air-conditioning devices combine maximum hygiene demands with energy-saving operating modes. Energy-efficient. Certified. Sustainable.

  • Noise control systems

    For square and round air conduction systems as well as special sound solutions in various designs and dimensions. Rugged, effective and economic.

  • Fire Protection Systems

    Smoke removal line XDuct° – a tested system for the protection against smoke and toxic gases with guaranteed fire resistance classes. Safe and dimensionally stable.

  • Process Air Systems

    Products and components for industrial requirements. Products and special welded constructions tailored to specific industries.

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